Liberty of Havering Bowls Club





The Liberty of Havering Bowling Club was established in 1909, our club takes its name from the district which was once part of the Royal Liberty of Havering. From Saxon times until the eighteenth century a Royal Palace or Bowe stood at the top of the hill at Havering. The surrounding area benefited and was made a Royal Liberty, the privileges of the Royal Liberty were confirmed by a charter from King Edward IV in 1465.

Our club started in Romford and the original site can be seen on the map in the club house, when Romford was redeveloped in the mid sixties and the Liberty shopping precinct was built the club moved to the British Railways Sports Ground in Squirrels Heath Lane, Ardleigh Green where it rented a green. British Rail sold off their sports grounds in the nineties and in 1993 a green was built in Harrow Lodge Park and we moved to our present site where an agreement was made and although a separate club we have a happy relationship and share facilities with the Havering Indoor Bowls Club. We have about 35 men and 21 lady members, both men and ladies sections play in the local leagues, the majority of the friendly matches played are mixed.  We have a mixed club afternoon every Tuesday and Friday.

The clubs name is well known throughout the country, having supplied two National Presidents in its history. A number of our players have, and some still are, representing the county at the highest level.

Competitively the club has a very good record, winning numerous County competitions and several National Titles.

We have one of the finest greens in England, thanks to our green keeper John Collyer, one of the country's leading experts.

The club has a friendly atmosphere, providing something for bowlers of all levels, whether you are aspiring for international honours or just want a roll up and put the world to rights over a cup of tea.

Several social events are run throughout the year including a quiz night. The ladies run a Gala day in July where teams from other clubs are invited to compete and various stalls are set up to help boost the club funds and give the day a little more interest.

Come and join us.

Friends are Strangers you haven't met yet. You are strangers here but once.