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Subject: Rule changes

Dear Member

                                             CHANGES IN RESTRICTIONS IN RULES FOR BOWLING

                                                               FROM MONDAY 24TH MAY


We will be using all 6 rinks and we will be allowing up to 30 people on the green, also rinks will be booked by yourselves in the rink book in the club house.

You are still required to sign in or use the NHS  QR Scanner under track and trace rules.

When booking rinks please make sure you put the names and people you are bowling with in the book and time that you are starting bowling  and make sure that the rink is not booked by someone else and that there are no league or county matches being played during that time.

All equipment will be kept in the bowl store and will be required to be sanitized after use and put back in the store.

Number 1s are required to use separate mats and jacks.

The committee hope these changes will make things a lot easier for you to enjoy your bowling and look forward to the restrictions being eased further on the 21st June.



Richard Strauss


Liberty of Havering Bowls Club