Welcome to Liberty of Havering – CLUB NOTICES.

Notice #1       CHANGES IN RESTRICTIONS IN RULES FOR BOWLING                                                                        19/07/2021

The covid restrictions for members has now been lifted, so as from today members can get back to normal activities at the club. Members will not have to sign in and the club house can be used.
The track and trace app will stay in place as  ALL VISITORS AND GUESTS MUST STILL USE OR SIGN IN.
So hope you all enjoy the rest of the season.

Notice #2          BOWLS TOUR 2022

I have been asked by members to try and do a bowls tour for 2022 . I have managed to provisionally book a hotel for the last week in April 2022 near Bristol which will give us bed breakfast and evening meal. Also I will book 3 games of bowls and excursions to places like Bath and the Cotswold’s . The price will be £395.00 per person for a 4 night. Monday to Friday stay. At the moment hotels are filling up fast so I need to know if you would like to go , the deposit would be £50 per person.
Please Reply to richardstrauss@virginmedia.com or text to 07885 273855 as soon as possible.

Richard Strauss
Liberty of Havering Bowls Club